Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2017

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1- Study on Microscopic Algae in the Iranian waters of the Caspian Sea during 2010-2011

Fatemeh Sadat Tahami, Aboulghasem Roohi, Alireza Keihan Sani, and Mojgan Rowshan Tabari

Research in Marine Sciences, 2(3): 133-144


2- Challenges in Achieving Arab Water Security: Case Study – Nile River Basin

Abbas Mohammed Sharaky

Research in Marine Sciences, 2(3): 145-149


3- Investigation of the Maritime Labor Convention and its legal effects for countries

Abbas Harati Mokhtari, Mohamadreza Bachari Lafteh, and Reza Hematjoo

Research in Marine Sciences, 2(3): 150-155


4- Modeling of marine circulation and hypothetical discharges in Callao Bay, Peru

David Correa, Jorge Tam, Jose Pasapera Garcia, Miguel Saavedra, and Augustu Ingunza

Research in Marine Sciences, 2(3): 156-176


5- Investigation of pollutant sources in the Persian Gulf and assessment of its environmental impacts

Mohammad Reza Taheri

Research in Marine Sciences, 2(3): 177-182