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The Research in Marine Sciences is a seasonally peer-review open access journal that publishes original articles, opinion essays, visions for the future, and critical reviews that contribute to our scientific understanding of marine systems and the impact of human activities on them. The Journal considers all issues related to the water environments (ocean, sea, lake,  estuarine,… ) includes: Physical Oceanography, Marine Biology, Chemical Oceanography, Marine Meteorology, Marine Habitats, Water Resources, Marine Geology, Marine Structures, Marine Communications, Air-Sea Interactions, Marine Renewable Energy and etc., for possible publication.

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ISSN (Print): 2538-5542

ISSN (Online): 2538-2705

Last Issue Journal

Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2019


Methodological analysis for the tsunami warning system in the Makran Sea

Afshin Mohseni Arasteh, and Kamran Lari 

Research in Marine Sciences, 4(2): 473-488

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Effect of renewable energy on energy security

Emre Citak, and Pinar Buket Kilinc Pala 

Research in Marine Sciences, 4(2): 489-504

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Assessment of maturity, spawning, and ovarian cycle of sand whiting (Sillago sihama) from the north coast of Gulf of Oman

Mohammad Reza Mirzaei, Pedram Hatami, and Elham Esmaeilzadeh Roodsari

Research in Marine Sciences, 4(2): 505-517

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A physical study on tidal currents in Mond and Helleh rivers in the Persian Gulf

Masoud Torabi Azad, Hesameddin Mehrfar, Dariush Mansouri, and Mina Mohammadi Pasand 

Research in Marine Sciences, 4(2): 518-527

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Diagnosis toxogenic Saxitoxin Cyanobacteria by molecular method in Amir Kalayeh Lagoon–Iran

Mozhgan Emtyazjoo, Azam Abbaszadeh, and Mohammad Hassan Shahhosseiny

Research in Marine Sciences, 4(2): 528-538

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