Aims and Scopes

The Research in Marine Sciences is a seasonally peer-review open access journal with focus on the marine subjects. It publishes original articles, opinion essays, and critical reviews. So, it tries to contribute to our scientific understanding of marine systems and the impact of human activities on them. The open access journal has the focuse field on the all marine subjects related to the marine environments (ocean, sea, lake,  estuarine,… ) for possible publication.

Subject Area

The journal has veriety subjects including:

  • Physical Oceanography
  • Marine Biology
  • Chemical Oceanography
  • Marine Meteorology
  • Marine Habitats
  • Water Resources
  • Water Pollution
  • Marine Geology
  • Marine Structures
  • Marine Communications
  • Air-Sea Interactions
  • Marine Renewable Energy
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Navigation
  • Security in Water Environment

Manuscripts should present an original and important finding of research in marine environments. The authors should prepare their manuscripts according to the Instructions for Authors. In fact, only limited number of manuscripts that has significant contribution will be published.

Authors can submit their scientific manuscript through the Submit a paper page or directly to the journal email ( and

Obviously, according to an open access journal’s rules, users have the right to read, download, copy, and print the full texts of the articles. Furthermore, the users can reuse and build upon the material in the Journal as long as attribution when it is necessary.

Authors can consider us for publication of manuscript online due to variety of reason; Fast Review Process, Open Access Journals, Low cost for reviewing and editing processes. 

Hopefully, different databases have indexed the Research in Marine Sciences journal as an open access journal (Indexing page).

Publisher: Arman Darya Inc.  Address : 20, No. 60, West Nosrat st., Tohid sq., Tehran, Iran.

ISSN (Print): 2538-5542

ISSN (Online): 2538-2705


Last Issue Journal

Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2024

Fluvial geomorphology and floods in the Kan River basin, Tehran

Mir Reza Terhrani, Mohammad Kazem Hoseini

Research in Marine Sciences, 9(1): 355-367, 2024.

PDF >>

Analysis of people’s stability during urban floods using numerical modelling

Mariano Re, Daniel Golluscio, Leandro Kazimierski, Nicolas D. Badano

Research in Marine Sciences, 9(1): 368-374, 2024.

PDF >>

Environmental health and safety management in marine vessels on the Qeshm-Bandar Abbas route

Sayedeh Zahra Mosalanejad, Vali Alipour, Maryam Montasari, Leila Rezaei

Research in Marine Sciences, 9(1): 375-383, 2024.

PDF >>

Philosophy of climate change: models, problems and uncertainties

Carlos M. Madrid Casado

Research in Marine Sciences, 9(1): 384-402, 2024.

PDF >>

Modelling of marine currents in Cuban waters: A case study

L. Arriaza Oliveros, Y. Simanca Cardenas, L. Rodas Fernandez, D. Milian.

Research in Marine Sciences, 9(1): 403-408, 2024.

PDF >>

Identification of architectural and engineering faults in ship design and remedial measures

Aftab Ahmad Malik, Waqar Azeem, Mujtaba Asad

Research in Marine Sciences, 9(1): 409-420, 2024.

PDF >>