Q and A

Questions and Answers

The Research in Marine Sciences journal has provided some of the questions raised and interested by the authors in this page. The journal has provided the suitable answers herein to guide the authors. This Questions and Answers’ page will be updated as new questions are received. You can send your any other questions by email to: resmarsci@gmail.com.

1- How much time does it take to publish my paper?

It completely reltates to the time of responses of authors and reviewers. If all reviewers and authors reply on-time in all steps of reviewing process, it almost takes 30-45 days to possible publication.

2- Do you have any paper publishing rejection?

Yes of course. If the manuscript does not meet the scope of the journal, the editor will reject it at the first step. Furthermore, if the reviewers during reviewing and editing process find a serious scientific problem or plagiarism, they will reject the manuscript. 

3- Do you help the authors to improve their manuscripts?

Yes of course. During editing and reviewing process, some points will be suggested to the authors to improve their manuscripts such as structural and scientific corrections.

4- How much is the rate of paper acceptance for your journal?

It is almost 80% paper acceptance rate for Research in Marine Sciences journal.

5- How much similarity index in a scientific paper is acceptable for your journal?

In an original paper, the author should aim at zero plagiarism. However, a similarity index of less than 25% is allowed. Actually, not all similarities are plagiarism. In addition, similarities include the followings:

  • Properly cited quotes
  • In-text citations or your reference list entries
  • Commonly used phrases
6- How much fees will be charged for each paper?

This journal does not consider any charges to authors for submission and publication processes. Of course, after the manuscript acceptance, the authors are required to pay an article processing charge (APC). In fact, the APC is for the reviewing and editing processes which is very low just to cover some of our costs.

7- Can anyone collaborate with you as a reviewer or as an editorial board?

A person who has a good and suitable resume related to our journal scope can contact with us by email: resmarsci@gmail.com. Then, her/his resume will be evaluated for any possible collaborations.

8- How we can have physical version of your journal?

You can email and send us your request, and we will guide you in details (Contact us).