Volume 2

Seasonal variation of coastal jets in the Persian Gulf using field studies

Masoud Torabi Azad, and Hesam Mehrfar

Research in Marine Sciences, 2(2): 106-111

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Optimization of water quantity and quality in Mahabad River by SWAT model

Morteza Gholizadeh, Esmail Nabizadeh, Osman Mahamadpur, and Mikaeil Hosseini

Research in Marine Sciences, 2(2): 112-129

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Study on Microscopic Algae in the Iranian waters of the Caspian Sea during 2010-2011

Fatemeh Sadat Tahami, Aboulghasem Roohi, Alireza Keihan Sani, and Mojgan Rowshan Tabari

Research in Marine Sciences, 2(3): 133-144

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Challenges in Achieving Arab Water Security: Case Study – Nile River Basin

Abbas Mohammed Sharaky

Research in Marine Sciences, 2(3): 145-149

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Investigation of the Maritime Labor Convention and its legal effects for countries

Abbas Harati Mokhtari, Mohamadreza Bachari Lafteh, and Reza Hematjoo

Research in Marine Sciences, 2(3): 150-155

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Modeling of marine circulation and hypothetical discharges in Callao Bay, Peru

David Correa, Jorge Tam, Jose Pasapera Garcia, Miguel Saavedra, and Augustu Ingunza

Research in Marine Sciences, 2(3): 156-176

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Simulation of hypothetical oil spill from platforms of Khark oilfield in the Persian Gulf using MIKE21 Spill Model

Mohamad Sadegh Sadeghian, Mojtaba Hosseinkhani, and Soheil Abed

Research in Marine Sciences, 2(4): 177-187

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Designing a rotary converter for absorbing sea wave energy

Reza Babakhani Galangashi, Ahmad Reza Kohansal, and Seyedeh Safoora Adnani

Research in Marine Sciences, 2(4): 188-193

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Removing colour and chemical oxygen demand, from palm oil mill effluent (POME) using horizontal roughing filter

Arezoo Fereidonian Dashti, Mohd Nordin Adlan, Hamidi Abdul Aziz, and Ali Huddin Ibrahim

Research in Marine Sciences, 2(4): 194-209

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